BJ-KATY-PIC3Biggs Jackson, native of Nashville TN, has lived in Dresden for many years and played in numerous bands such as DUDE DUDE CHICK, LORD BISHOP, THE CASHBAGS, TUMULT IN PIESCHEN, THE CKOEHLER FAMILY, GRAVITY FEED.

Biggs is a multi-instrumentalist. He started on drums and moved on to guitar, bass and keyboard not long after.  The Loopstation is a latecomer to his toolkit that brings everything together that Biggs loves in music: performance, improvisation, adventure and surprises.

He studied music at Belmont University in Nashville, where he composed and played drums leading his own jazz septet, Daev C. Zen and the Bidupus Cabal.

Biggs is an accomplished writer and composer. He has written numerous musical scores for film as well as tunes for rockgroup performance. The animated films for Dude Dude Chick’s Bees and Toast of the Century have been seen by millions through film festivals and the internet.